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Call Center

Enhanced features to maximize customer satisfaction

You can receive voice recordings of all call center agents, so that you can monitor your service quality and keep up to date with service errors and customer requests. You can also customize the standard “speech quality evaluation form” in the system and evaluate the performance of your employees.

You can easily integrate advanced IVR scenarios into Call Center applications. The user can perform transactions over the phone using phone keys or voice commands without being directed to a call center representative. Thus, the person who calls you can get the information they need without wasting time. In this way, you reduce labor costs, increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

You can monitor all Call Center agents’ phone calls and computer operations on your own computer screen with Inteliex’s user-friendly web interface.

Callers to your call center can be informed of their turn in the waiting queue by voice. The “Call Back” feature of the system allows you to call back the person who did not want to wait in the queue and left their number.
Thanks to the Automatic Callback feature of the Inteliex call center application, if the call is terminated before the caller reaches the requested information, the system automatically calls the number back as soon as possible. The caller is first asked to press a key by listening to a notification announcement that the service is not available and is then transferred to the agent he/she first contacted.
You can create an unlimited number of queues, determine the desired order of importance in the queues, and observe the instant status and service qualifications of the call center agents in the queues. Agents can be assigned to each queue with different skill levels.
You can ensure that the agent with the highest skill score we define will receive the incoming call with priority.
With this feature, you can set the alarm times of Logout / Breaks with the time limit parameter and send an e-mail warning to the supervisor when the times are exceeded. An automatic warning can also be sent to the supervisor’s screen with the timeout settings defined in the system.



You can customize the reporting system, all in Turkish. Thanks to the healthy reporting system offered by Inteliex, you can effectively evaluate the efficiency of your call center.

Shows call details of agents. Provides separate reports for incoming and outgoing calls.

Summarizes the daily call activities of agents.

Shows all session activities of call center agents. The login and logout status of the agent during working hours (end of working hours, break, meal, etc.) are displayed.

It shows the distribution of calls queued and abandoned without being answered by the caller according to provinces and operators.

Shows the details of calls received and answered in the queue. It shows the waiting time of the caller in the queue, the duration of the call and the number of answered calls.

Includes graphical analysis of answered calls, abandoned calls and outgoing calls. Shows the answer rate of successful calls broken down by seconds.

The quality of the calls performed by call center agents is assessed through a web-accessible and customizable form. The report presents the analysis of these forms.

Provides an analysis of all evaluation grades and average grades of agents over the date range.

Summarizes the status of the call center on a daily basis.

Indicates calls in which call center agents end the call before the caller.

Reports the forms describing the call content filled in by agents during the call.

Shows the totals of incoming calls to the credit card payment system IVR according to date range.

It allows all incoming and outgoing calls to be listed with date, caller, caller ID, caller ID, last data and duration filters. The report covers all movements of calls in the system.

Displays all incoming and outgoing calls with date, caller, caller ID, caller ID, last data and duration filters and total calls for the last 5 days.

Displays the last one-day load of all incoming and outgoing calls with date, caller, callee, caller ID, last data and duration filters.

The system ensures that the defined reports are automatically sent to the relevant managers, team leaders and supervisors at predetermined times.


Efficient and Scalable Voice Recording Application Running on Passive Architecture

Inteliex records all calls and conversations made through your switchboard in a compact format when requested. Recorded calls can be accessed via a user-friendly web interface with the administrator’s password.

With Inteliex, you can analyze the performance of your employees and achieve significant increases in your sales graph. You can increase customer satisfaction by monitoring the phone support your employees provide to your customers.

Record On demand / Record On Demand feature allows you to record the call and listen to the recording later over the internet when you receive a call from outside, if you are not in a position to take notes.

You can record all calls made over Analog, Digital (PRI / BRI) and IP.

Inteliex’s robotic operators inform callers that the call is being recorded, and a recording alert tone can be sent periodically if desired.


Record your campaign message and the system will call the number you want and play it back.This service, which allows you to record your message as a voice and have the other party listen to your message by making calls to the phone numbers stored in the database, does not require manpower. This saves both time and manpower.

  • Since the system interface is web-based, phone numbers can be easily entered into the database by the user.
  • Messages are recorded in the system and calls are made at the desired time and date interval.
  • Search results are evaluated as successful and unsuccessful and processed into the system.
  • If you want, after the whole list is scanned, you can return the unsuccessful numbers, that is, the numbers that are never answered or busy, as many times as you want and make them call again.
  • You can get information about the second at which the other party hangs up the phone. In this way, you can understand whether your message has reached the other party or not.
  • You can create campaign texts, upload them to the system via the Turkish web interface and make changes to the messages whenever you wish.


Receive your faxes to your e-mail address.

  •  Inteliex’s Fax application forwards faxes received on your behalf to your e-mail address.
  • With this application, your extension number is defined as your fax number. Faxes sent to your extension number are sent directly to your e-mail address.
  • With this feature, you can access information faster and save on paper costs.


All Features of Your IP PBX Switchboard on Mobile Phones of Your Field Employees

With Inteliclient, Inteliex’s softphone application, you can use all the features of the IP PBX switchboard on your mobile phone. With this application, which is especially used by field workers outside the office, you can reduce mobile phone messaging and call expenses to zero.


Softphone for Windows operating system.